Enugu State University of Science and Technology

Distinguished Lectures

Occasional lectures have been delivered by the distinguished professionals from diverse backgrounds. They dwell on issues that are relevant to the students' pursuits but are not strictly part of the academic curriculum. Those who have delivered the distinguished lectures include;

  1. Professor Skip Smith
  2. Mr. S. O. Dada
  3. Mr. Ratnam
  4. Professor Boniface Egboka
  5. Mr. Ozonia Ojielo
  6. Austin Okere
  7. Chika Mbonu
  8. Mr. J. Odumodu
  9. Prof. Joe Irukwu
  10. Mr. Mike Okereke
  11. His Excellency Chief (Dr.) E. O. Shonekan
  12. Dr. Kanayo Ogujiuba
  13. Dr. Chales Mekwuenye, etc.
  14. Rev. Fr. Prof. Obiorah Ike

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