Enugu State University of Science and Technology


The postgraduate programmes of the Enugu State University of Science and Technology are aimed at providing graduate training in selected disciplines and are directed towards solving some of those Nigeria problems which are within its means to tackle. The areas of study are designed from time to time depending on the availability of suitable staff, equipment, library and other facilities. Practical solutions will be sought at all times, but theoretical contributions which are shown to be of immediate relevance will also be encouraged. The university organizes that the individual teacher or researcher is at the core of all advances in all fields of learning.

It further recognizes that a graduate programme can only provide a framework for an apprenticeship between the teacher-researcher under whom to learn. It is also the reason the university places a high premium on the quality of its staff.

The Nigerian society is highly dynamic hence its needs and problems also constantly changing. The university through its graduate programmes hopes not only to identify with the problems inherent in these changes, but also to induce positive changes in that sector of the Nigerian society which it can reach.

The university does not see the task it has set for itself as easy, either in the definition of the problems or in the prosecution of their solutions. True to its recognition of the pivotal role of the individual and its supreme belief in the abundance of able Nigerians, it warmly welcomes within its fold Nigerians and other nationals who share its philosophy, and are willing to devote themselves to solving these problems. In the graduate programmes of the university, self reliance is no empty slogan, but its watchword.

The graduate programmes of the Enugu State University of Science and Technology will be undertaken eventually by all disciplines in the university to solve societal problems.

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