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Master of Public Administration (MPA)

There is hardly anyone in the society, in contemporary period, who does not have to deal with public administration. Never in human history have people looked to public administration for so much, when nearly every citizen looks to it for various purposes.

This is necessary, as public administration has today come to determine the vigour and quality of even non-governmental institutions in the society.

Administration has now become so vast an area that a philosophy of Administration comes close to be a philosophy of life.

It is an essential part of a society and a dominant factor of life in the modern age, which has seen the emergence of what has aptly been called "Administrative State".

Its content today are more positive in nature for it is now engaged in looking after myriad needs of human life, health, education, recreation, sanitation, social security, etc.

MPA Programmes:

  • Local Government Administration
  • Public Sector Management


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