Enugu State University of Science and Technology

Member of Faculty

The choice of faculty members is influenced by our key objective of matching theory with practice. Our faculty members are made up of experienced professionals and practising managers who combine theory with practice. By mixing an academic elite with high achievers, the school creates a vibrant atmosphere, resonating with the excitement of learning and self-discovery.

  1. Prof. L. O. Anike, Ph.D
  2. Prof. T. O. Enudu, Ph.D
  3. Prof. S. Ndolo, Ph.D
  4. Prof. Ngozi Ejionueme, Ph.D
  5. Prof. M. A. N. Anikwe, Ph.D
  6. Prof. Ike Oluka, Ph.D
  7. Prof. R. Eya, Ph.D
  8. Prof. J. I. Aneke, Ph.D
  9. Prof. S. I. Udabah, Ph.D
  10. Prof. Willy Ugwuanyi, Ph.D
  11. Prof. Fred Eze, Ph.D
  12. Prof. Johnny Eluka, Ph.D
  13. Prof. N. M. Ile, Ph.D
  14. Prof. Jude Udenta, Ph.D
  15. Prof. O. J. Onwe, Ph.D
  16. Prof. M. Anyanwokoro, Ph.D
  17. Prof. Ike Elechi Ogba, Ph.D
  18. Prof. Jonny Eluka, Ph.D
  19. B. O. Onugu, MBA, Ph.D
  20. C. I. Okeke, Ph.D
  21. C. Onukogu, Ph.D
  22. G. O. Ozoani, Ph.D
  23. Ik Muo, Ph.D
  24. Joe Bel-Molokwu, Ph.D
  25. K. Chukwu, M.Sc., Ph.D
  26. V. A. Onodugo, Ph.D
  27. Elizabeth Okechukwu, Ph.D
  28. S. N.Okenwa, Ph.D
  29. Kanayo Ogujiuba, Ph.D
  30. S. Nwite, Ph.D
  31. Ifediora Amobi, Ph.D
  32. Ifeanyi Didiugwu, Ph.D
  33. Gerald Nebo, MBA
  34. Ozor G. C. Eze, MBA
  35. R. Oluoma, MBA
  36. Julius Icha Ituma

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