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The library is regarded as the heart of the intellectual system of the school and it is said that to some extent the quality of a school is measured largely by the services provided by the library because of its unique position in the overall system. The library in this direction, mainly supports the objective of the school which are in the areas of learning, teaching, research and training.

Uses: Postgraduate students use the library essentially for the courses offered in the school, as well as potential courses that may be offered. The library provides the resources needed for carrying out effective learning and research activities. Other students and all those interested in learning and developing their intellectual capabilities are also encouraged to avail themselves of the use of the library. For lecturers, the library provides resources to support teaching and research. It provides resources and services to support each of the research project and materials of sufficient quantity and diversity to support research of whatever kind in every subject offered in the school. The ESUT Business School library has been in existence since 1995 when the school took off at Ebani House, 62 Marina, Lagos. To meet with the global changes, the library has been stocked with current books, journals, magazines and publications from Harvard Business School, London Business School, Central Bank of Nigeria and recent policy changes in the world.

To classify all these materials, the library uses Dewey Decimal Classification Scheme and this scheme makes retrieval and shelving very easy. On behalf of the management, faculty and staff of EBS, let me congratulate you all for making a wise decision in choosing the prestigious ESUT Business School, Enugu.

Thank you.

Anibueze Cyril A.(Mr.)


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